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Our goals are the same as yours. At Acclaimed Investigations, we are intent on providing services that protect the assets of the customer. We will employ the necessary techniques to obtain the results you need while always adhering to the laws governing our industry. We are proud to say that our experience in the industry has provided us with the knowledge to get information and facts that are necessary to every investigation. We want to be your resource for all investigative needs. 

Acclaimed Investigations is a premier private investigation company based in Bucks County, PA. We have affiliates in every large city across the United States through our unique network. What separates our company from others in the investigative industry is one word – experience. Our goal is to provide the most comprehensive and thorough investigations. Prompt turnaround, quality investigations, and continuing communication make Acclaimed Investigations the leader for excellence in private investigations.

In 2012 Jeff Cochran established Acclaimed Investigations after 28 of federal service. Jeff was a Senior Special Agent with U.S. Homeland Security and U.S. Customs Office of Investigations in Philadelphia. Additionally, Jeff is a former Special Agent with the Naval Investigative Service and member of the Middletown Township Police Department. We employ the most industry-respected professionals. Our staff includes former federal, state, and local law enforcement officers, field investigators, financial analysts, and forensic accountants.